The Tips For Selecting The Best Franking Machine

Franking machines are the best products that you can have for your company to reduce the postage costs.   The franking machines ensure that you do not spend much on the costs of the emails.   The franking machines come in several models and you should ensure that the one that you have is the most advanced.   Below are the tactics of getting the best franking machine

Find Out On The Volume Of The Mail

You need to establish the kind of the mails that you will be sending.  Once you have made your calculations and identified the average letters of the emails that you will be sending, you then need to find the perfect fit.   When you are in the first stages of your business, it is wise that you go for the small volume.   When you will be sending up to fifty letters emails, you should ensure that you go for the medium volume and go for the highest volume when you have a need to send multiple mails.

Be Sure Of The Additional Features

 Most people purchase the franking machines to send the mails.  You need to check on the different features of the machine such as the smart meter technology, feeding systems and the weighing abilities. The advancement of the above features ensures that the machine functions effectively.   The suppliers that offers to test the machine indicates that they are legit.

The Terms Of The Purchase

 The purchase of these franking supplies is mostly influenced by the different terms that the suppliers offer.  When you are going for the simple volume type of equipment, you are likely to find that most of the shops are renting.  When you are considering the large and medium types, you can either buy or lease.  You should ensure that you understand the terms of the renting and leasing to get the best out of the machine.

 The Cost Of The Maintenance

 The maintenance costs can drain your revenue and you should establish on the amounts that you will spend.  You should ensure that the items that you select have the lowest maintenance costs.   You should ensure that you select the machines with powerful cartridges to prevent the costs of the repairs.

 Maintaining communication with other business entities is crucial way to ensure that you maintain your different clients. The franking machine provides a cheap option to ensure that you are in contacts with your suppliers and business associate.  The supplier that you deal with should be a reputable dealer to ensure that you get a genuine machine.   The article offers a guideline on how you can purchase the best functioning franking machine, buy franking machine!

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Things To Put In Mind Before Purchasing A Franking Machine

Buying a franking tool for a company that is working on a budget could get challenging, but there are a few things that can assist one in making the right decisions and getting the best machine.  There is need to compare prices and list some of the best companies so that one can make the final decision based on facts.  Look at the future of your company as how beneficial this machinery is to the firm and that is why, with the right tips, getting the best machine will ease the burden and keep your business on track.

Know How Many Letters Are Sent

If your business handles a lot of messages daily, you here to make sure the franking machine one purchases will be enough to process all those letters.  Know the average mail sent every day and the type of letters sent which allows one to understand the volume and get a figure so that you do not proceed blindly, lease franking machine!

See The Prices Offered By Various Suppliers

When you know where to look, it is easy to find a firm that is within your budget, do take a moment to go through various online companies and see the offers they have and of the prices are favorable.  If one was patient when looking you will realize there are so many offers and there will be that model whose prices have been slashed and could fit into your financial plan.

Get A Figure Of The Amount Of Money Needed

When doing your calculations, do not forgot to ask how much other supplies will cost you just to be prepared.

Picking The Best Item For Your Office

Look forward to settling for the best machine and see that it functions as one could have expected before taking it with you.  The best thing is to find the right machine, and if you are not convinced there will be someone in the store willing to resolve the issue and help in getting the best machine.

Make Sure You Settle For A Perfect Supplier

The best supplier is the one who knows what they are selling and can link you up to the right people if your machine has issues that needed to be fixed. 

Get To Understand The Maintenance Costs

Getting all the information regarding the machine is helpful as a way of making sure it is well maintained if you expect it to serve you for a long time.

Do the math and be sure that after the deductions, there will be profit earned.  At the end of it all, settle for a machine with features that one can use but, be ready to spend more than what you would have if one purchase a tool with lesser features, buy franking machine!

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How the Franking Machine Works

 The traditional system of mailing has been replaced by a new method known as the franking machine. The machine has been known to give accurate measurements of the packages pus you do not need any stamps. Stamping the packages was a long and tiresome and was a great loss for people who were sending perishable goods.

 Four Uses of The Franking Machine

The postage is downloaded to your franking machine through your telephone line so you can pay for it without going to the post office.   The franking machines come in different models and sizes so you can visit your manufacturer and find one that suits your daily needs.  The franking machine allows you to post your logo on the parcel which is a great marketing tool and there are royal discounts for various parcels you post.  People can save money since the machine measures the parcels accurately and is three cents cheaper than going to the post office.

 Your logo will give your parcel a more professional look and people will be interested in your company and there are carriers that can ship your parcel to the destined locations. Your staff has the capability of tracking down the parcel even when it has been misplaced so they are swift when fixing the problem.  It is very easy to purchase the franking machine as long as you know what model you want and its features.The franking machine can service you all day and night so you do not have to make queues to the post office just to buy stamps when you have your own mini-post office.

 When buying franking machine, you should have the full amount though renting is also an option you can explore because of the high prices depending on the model you want.   You must buy the machine from a manufacturer who is approved by the Royal Mail or else risk buying a machine that is obsolete.   The supplies of the machine also need to be bought and if you buy the machine then you get the most benefits from the rest.

 Older franking models are often cheaper but they can only serve for a short time since they might be accredited by the royal mail so you would lose your money for nothing.   You should not buy used franking machines if you do not what model they are and if they are out of date or not.

When you lease franking machine then you can buy the supplies like ink from any supplier you like and can get lower lifetime costs.   Always compare the price of different manufacturers so they can show you the way forward and how you can improve your mailing business.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying or Leasing a Franking Machine

There are things you ought to consider before you buy or lease a franking machine. It is not advisable to just purchase a franking machine without checking out the various brands and factors.  This article will highlight the things you need to think through before you buy any brand of franking machine.

First of all, you need to know that franking machines come in different types.  The type of franking machine majorly depends on the number of mailing per day.  Low volume franking machine has the power of processing 30 mails. Depending on the size and the mails requirement, you could settle for the low volume franking machine.  Actually a small or medium-sized business could benefit a lot from the low volume franking machine.

Processing 31 to 99 mails per day could call for a mid-volume franking machine. Big and medium-sized businesses which require making and processing a maximum of 299 mails per day could benefit from a high volume franking machine.   

A business or organization that requires making and processing over 300 mails per day should buy or lease a mailroom volume franking machine.  

The cost of a franking machine is an important aspect you should consider beforehand. The more volumes of emails a franking machine can produce and process the more costly it is.   knowing the number of mails a business needs to send per day is important when looking forward to buying or leasing a franking machine.

It is important also to consider the postal charges. Since the postal charges are subject to change, you need to confirm from the postal charges authorities.

The other important thing you need to take into consideration is the franking machine supplies.  It is important to take into consideration the franking supplies. The franking supplies you get for your franking machine will determine how efficient your mail franking will be.  Make the best direct mails from the best franking supplies.  So it is essential that the business source for the best franking consumables that have been tested and proven.

The type of the franking machine you need for your business or organization could be obtained online. The nature of your business or organization will determine if buying or leasing is the best option. Ensure that you assess your business and know how much of frank mailing it requires per year. 

You could benefit from free consulting when buying or leasing a franking machine.   Research before you buys or lease a franking machine.

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Franking Machine


People who require too many emails at a time, the most appropriate machine to use is the franking machine.   The machine helps one to calculate the postage each time one sends a mail.   One of the major features of this machine is that one can be able to purchase stamps on any day and at any time.   By enabling one to be able to purchases stamps at any time, it helps to save the time that would be used in queuing in the post office.

When one has a franking machine; they usually enjoy being given a discount when sending the mail.    One is likely to enjoy the benefit provided y the mail service provider of giving discounts to persons using a franking machine when sending a mail   This is because it has been found to be cheaper to handle franked mails as compared to when a person is using the stamps.   By giving discounts, the mail service hopes to encourage more people to use the services of franking machine.   Though a franking machine is not cheap to acquire, it helps a company save money in the long term.

When a business uses a franking machine, it is a show of professionalism in their work.   This is a good thing for a business it will show their customers of how professional they are.   This is enhanced by the fact that the machine allows one to include a company logo or promotional text in the mail.   The franking machine also provides one with a platform to advertise at no additional cost.   One can use the promotional texts in the mail to publicize new tariffs of new services being offered.

One of the things that people are usually not sure when sending a mail is the weight.   One when does not know the exact weight of the mail, they are likely to overpay for the mail services.   Because a franking machine has the capability to determine the weight of a mail, it helps one determine the cost which will be used to send   Sometimes it happens that one under stamps the mail when the weight of the mail has been underestimated.   This is also a cause of inconvenience.   An under stamping of the mail leads to pay extra charges as a fine.   Also, the mail cannot be delivered until the recipient has paid the full amount and an additional handling fee.   With franking machine, one can avoid all that. 


Another benefit that comes with using a franking machine is that it saves time.   It is a normal occurrence for stamps to run out.   Having a franking machine however can help avoid such a scenario since one can order the stamps at any day and any time.   Using the machine also helps reduce the time for processing outgoing mails.

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